Learn How to Dominate Your Hubby & Love It -- By a Good Girl Who Did

Girls Can Be So Cruel
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My cyber-dungeon is dedicated to women seeking guidance in female domination.   

I used to be a reluctant Dom.  Honestly, I thought it was weird that my husband wanted me to dominate and humiliate him.  Why would I want to treat the man I love like a dog? My mom doted on my daddy and that's how I thought love was suppose to look.

My husband is an officer and a gentleman -- a major in the armed services.  He is a wonderful, honorable man and I love him to death.  I don't understand why he gets off on being mentally tortured however his favorite thing in life is to be sexually dominated by women.  Neither of us knows why, we just know that submitting makes him happy.

For the first several years of our marriage I was very resistant to the idea of dominating him.  His longings to submit brought us close to divorce.  The turning point for us came after a particularly nasty fight.  I laid in bed tossing and turning and worrying.  Finally it hit me and I thought, WTF.  I mean really, if he wants to serve me and Uncle Sam both, why not?  What do I want, more fights and frustration or to be treated like a queen? Given the options, the thought of becoming a member of the royal family wasn't sounding so bad!

That night in bed I decided to use his kinky obsessions to make our relationship better than it already was. That was back in when I was 28 and he was 38.

So what's in it for me?  After several years of experimenting I have found that we have a better marriage, a spotless home, and ice cream whenever I want it.  Plus, I get unlimited oral sex and foot rubs.  It's good to be Queen!

I spent the next 5 years researching female dominance.  I learned so much through the process that I decided to create this web site to help empower other women who were in a predicament similar to me.

Good luck and enjoy!

PS. Note to subs.  Whether you are a male of female submissive, if you are in a D/s relationship, you are not allowed to read any of the sections.  Instead you will forward the link to this site to your Mistress.
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