Girls Can Be So Cruel
This section is a hodgepodge of things I have done in the past to spice things up.


Let me start by telling you about SPH in case you don't already know the term.  If you do an Internet search for "SPH BDSM" you will get thousands of pages of content.  SPH stands for "Small Penis Humiliation."  Not every submissive male is into SPH, however based on my explorations, it is a leading fantasy for many submissive men.  After all, what is more humiliating than having their maleness belittled?  

My slave is one of those males who definitely gets off on being taunted about the size of his penis.  In reality, he is slightly larger than most of the men I have been with, but much smaller than porn stars and dildos!  For some reason, it is super easy for my inner-cruel-girl to come out and mock his cock.


On Naked Days, I frequently "brand" him by writing something on his chest with a bright red lip stick.  He gets very embarrassed every single time, which is what makes it a perfect reminder as he goes about his tasks.  Some things I have written on him: Creature, Slave, Pig, Major Slut, Whore, Pencil Dick, and many more.  I'm sure you get the idea.  Think of whatever he would find to be humiliating and have at it.
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