Orgasms, Pleasure and Rewards

Girls Can Be So Cruel
We all know that males think with the little head instead of the big head and we have known that since we were teenage girls. What's interesting about submissive males is the interesting and unusual lengths they will go to for a simple orgasm.  OMG, are you kidding me?  Such simple fools!

Unlike some Doms, I am quite generous in granting his wish to cum however there is always a price to pay.  The price?  A) He must ask me permission to masturbate.  He hates to ask me.  He has told me it is totally emasculating as a grown man to ask a woman permission to masturbate.  B) He always stays on my good side for fear of, god forbid, not getting to cum!  (I have often wondered how much better my parents relationship would be if mom had control of daddy's orgasms!).  C) I usually make him cum in some cruel and humiliating fashion.  I call them "Cruelgasms" and the following is a list of my favorites.

SWALLOWING.  When we first started dating, he used to pressure me to swallow his cum.  I never liked it and it seems I'm still a little resentful about it.  I have several ways that I use his cum against him.  A) I make him cum into a glass and swallow while I mock him.  B) I make him cum into a glass, gulp it into his mouth, but make him keep it in his mouth until I have counted to 10.  C) I make him lay on his back and I hold his legs so his cock is pointing at his face.  I have him masturbate directly into his open mouth and on his face.  D) I make him cum onto my feet and lick them clean.  (I don't claim to have invented any of these, but rather am sharing ideas that I have researched from other Doms).

HUMPING. I have made him grease up and hump everything from my shins, to the toilet, to sand-paper.  On special occasions I let him get on all fours, I put lube all over my hand and let him hump it like a dog while barking like a chihuahua!

PORN. I doubt there is a man in American into S/M who doesn't look at porn.  I know that my husband loves to masturbate and look at porn for hours at a time.  I am very liberal in allowing my slave to look at porn as long as his chores are done.  Frequently, when he asks me for permission to masturbate I tell him that he may look at porn until a certain time and then return to me when time is up for orgasm instructions.   

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